Boarding Department

The department is headed by Mr. Kamau and Mr. Micheni. The assistance-boarding masters are Mr. Mwaura and Mr. Gitonga.
Boarding department is divided into the following number of sections.

The department is headed by Mr. Gitahi who works under the Deputy Principal in-charge of boarding Mr. Micheni.

  •  The boarding section

The school has 13 dorms (houses). These are Twiga 1&2, Nyat 1& 2, Kifaru 1&2, Simba 1 &2, Ndovu 1 & 2, Chui. A new 4 storied dormitory was constructed in 2014 and has the following houses: Aberdare, Kilimanjaro and Everest.Each house is headed by a house master/Mistress and an assistant house masters/mistresses. This means that every teacher in the school is involved in boarding affairs. These heads work closely with House secretaries and their assistants. The main function is to ensure the welfare of the students in their respective house is taken care of. Normally there is a house meeting every Thursday night (10.00 pm - 10.15 pm) where emerging issues are brought out and discussed and any issue /problem solved.

  •  Catering Section

This is the engine of the school. It is headed by a qualified cateress who heads a-team of cooks who normally prepare students breakfast, lunch and supper. The cooks are under a head cook. Food is served using the cafeteria system under a close monitoring of Teachers on Duty and Secretaries in the students’ council who are on duty in the week. Also the Dining hall secretaries assist to ensure smooth service of students. Students are encouraged to observe time for meals to avoid inconviniencies.

  •  Health Section

A school nurse heads the section. She is in charge of treatments of minor ailments and refers any major ailments to Mathari hospital for further treatment. All sick students are supposed to report to the school nurse without any delay.

  •  Entertainment Normally the school entertainment day is every saturday in the afternoon from 2.00 pm upto 5.00 pm.

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