Library Department

A library plays a major role in the day to day running of any institution. It ranks as one of the richest treasure of knowledge. It comes to all our understanding that with no doubt it is the appropriate place to search for knowledge. It has been said that you never realize the importance and significance of something until in its absentia. We happen to be in a very competitive world where only the fittest will survive. In a school environment, the library automatically is the heart of the matter. The library is all a student needs and the student is all a library needs. The existence of a library in a school creates a glimmer of joy on ever reading eyes. For beneficial purpose to its users; ranking from teachers librarian Mrs. Wamitu, who works hand in hand with librian Mr. Nyaga & the assistance of five prefects for proper service to all.

The library is always open on weekdays from 8 AM to 5 PM. To ease the work of keeping records and also the issuing of books to members it has been fitted with a computer. Students are issued with library membership cards, which they use to borrow books. A student is entitled to borrow a maximum of two books for duration of see days which he can renew the duration if he is not through with the book. With this type of system maximum use of the library is all left to a student’s exposure. With a sound exposure to almost all disciplines of knowledge what hinders students from walking this success? With the clear location of where this true wealth lies, it all depends on us whether to draw closer or otherwise? It is in the library that can be performed on ones grades. Remember, if you want to know how good a learning institution is, visit its library.



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