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Charity. What is charity? What is the first impression you get after you hear the word charity? Simply charity is the generosity in giving money, food, help and other things to the needy.

Earlier, in Nyeri High School there were many clubs. Just like a volcano some were active, passive and also some were extinct. All these clubs were antagonistic as each one of them wanted to be the best .Of all these clubs, none wanted to help the needy in the society but just continued with their activities. It was at this juncture a group of charitable young men, ready to sacrifice what they have and what they have and what they like best to give to the needy people come up with charity club. His or her main objective was to help anyone in need. If you would listen to their heartbeat you would hear it whispering, “Charity “. In the blink of an eye the club officials, the charitable members and the club patron, Mr.Wariahe, who is indefatigable when it comes to charity work

What everyone wonders is how does the club rise to the top and yet it does not hold as many meetings as other clubs. The answer is that whatever the club does it does at its best.

After getting the prize it was happy that it decided to hold a party (bash), which was ranked among the top three parties (bash) in the year. Getting the prize was not an end for everything in fact it rejuvenated its activities. In the year 2016 it took part in the Feed a child Walk and highest contributors in the walk went to a trip to the village market where they enjoyed free swimming and other activities offered there.

On May 2017 it took part in the Nyeri Hospice Charity Walk where it became the best contributor among other schools. This is not the end of the activities but it will continue working tirelessly.

We would like to thank the school administration for allowing the establishment of the club, the club patron, all the officials for their cooperation and all the members .For being very generous and selfless. Let us all arise and give help and support to the poor in the community. Charity club has written the name of its school in golden letters to the outside world. Let us remember the charity begins at home and a hand that gives is the one that receives .God bless you all.

Club Chairman.

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