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The Christian Union

Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour, whose blood was shed on the tree at Calvary.

Yes, a year to be admired. We reflect back and all we can say is glory to the Highest. Thanks to Almighty God this far that we’ve come, by his mercy and grace. With a very co-operative official group of 10 members, the Christian union serves to offer spiritual nourishment to the more than 4000 members.

Prayer is the oxygen of each soul. The less you pray, the weaker you becomes,â€with regard to this truth, prayers are conducted everyday for the group and the entire school before every preps begin and in every class before the preps end, thereby going against the of making prayer to be the last resort, other than the first response.

The union provides a firm Christian foundation through the frequent techniques and lessons provided by the patron Mrs Irungu and all the speakers he goes a notch higher to invite. May the Almighty God bless you abundantly, Mrs Irungu. We are proud to be among the contributors of achieving our school vision, “To be the leading center of academic excellence, spiritual and moral perfectionâ€, through moldings men of character and intelligence, honest and reliable gentlemen.

Know what? Even if you have more degrees than the thermometer, you still need Jesus Christ, the greatest teacher whose knowledge and wisdom is external.

Kudos Nyihae, long live our school, with the best Christian foundation. God bless you mightily, "mpaka mshangae"









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