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5 4 3 1 Action” No way! We are not going to bend our sovereign backs to lick some old colonial boots, we are sovereign people”. This were some of the words said by the character ‘William’ in our masterpiece-play-‘The whip .I need not to say much about the play we did in 2007 directed by Steve Mulama, a brilliant play-Wright who helped build our morale as dramatist. Unfortunately,’the whip ‘ did not go past the district levels in BG. This venue has never been among our lucky ones.

The year 2007 saw many good actors leave us with great inspiration. Great talent was displayed by James Njiri as Madeni , Solomon as Truman, Kang’au did the introduction among others. They handed over the sword of authority in drama. Being form fours, it was a challenge juggling books and perfecting the play.
In 2008, the likes of new talent and for sometimes was convinced this was another solo (Truman) due to his outstanding ability to dramatize-Edward Mung’ure a 404 then, had in mind a narrative ‘Pungulu’. At a time when drama needed solutions fast, he changed the perception towards narratives. Drama had always presented a play or dance in the drama festivals. With the narrative Pungulu it was an uphill task to convince karauarians that drama is still alive. The zonal ,it proceeded as the best to the provincial level .At the provincial drama festival held at kiburia girls ,there was stiff competition from the like of Njiiris, Mary Hill, Limuru girls, Karima among others. Despite this, we put our best foot forward as drama. Its unfortunate despite the effort we had to bid farewell at the provincials. This is respectable compared to the past years results. It should be noted it did not start easy. A solo crush performance by Kelvi Lonina was hounded out at the zonals. This demoralized drama considering the masterpiece still by steve Mulama.

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